OPI Mexico Collection

25 Jul

There aren’t many whole nail polish collections that I want. I wish I was more into nail polish back in 2006. OPI released their Mexico collection. I love Mexico! I have been there at least 6 times and it is my favorite vacation spot.

Here are some pictures of the collection:

(pictures from Angels Beauty Supply)

I have to research these and really scope out MUA and eBay for these colors. I know that Amazon has some below $8. The hardest color to find will be Los Cabos Coral. That color is very expensive on eBay! I will have to keep track of these colors and find the cheapest price. There are 12 colors in total – so if I buy it at full price we are talking about over $100 without shipping!

The colors are:

Will You Mari-achi Me?
Magnifico Mexico
A Dozen Rosas
OPI Por Favor
Los Cabos Coral
Strawberry Margarita
Pink-o de Gallo
My Chihuahua Bites!
Cozu-melted in the Sun
Tijuana Dance?
Puerta Vallarta Violeta
You Rock-apulco Red

I am on a ban right now, but I will treat myself to this in September. Why? Because I hope to be 10 pounds lighter by then. I have already lost 5 and I promised myself that I would treat myself to this when I lose all the weight I want to lose. Wish me luck!


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