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Impatiently Waiting

8 Apr

I love online shopping but I hate waiting for delivery.

I ordered 8 polishes from an eBay seller and I am waiting for their arrival. I am not going to drag anyone’s name in the mud, but I feel like this is taking an awfully long time! I won the polishes last week and paid about a day after. She just sent the tracking number to me on Wednesday. I have been checking USPS like a fiend and today they updated to say they picked it up at her location. (Or she dropped it off wherever she is). So maybe I’ll get them on Monday or Tuesday the latest, but it brings it to almost 2 weeks later. UGH.

In other news, I really really really really really (did I say really?) want Color Clubs Starry Temptress collection after seeing these pictures. OMG. I must have them. So I looked for them online and all 7 would be $21 before shipping. Except, I found out that some Ross stores carry these whole sets for $7.99. Awesome right? Yes, but there is not one Ross anywhere near me. The closest one is 2 hours away and I never ever go in that direction. So I am messaging people that I know may have one near them. So far there hasn’t been a sighting of these, but I am still holding hope. If not, I will have to bite the bullet and pay the $21.