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More manicures

19 Jul

I have decided to stop numbering these manicures because I always lose track. Here are some fairly recent ones:

Sinful ColorsSeaweed:

This went on very smooth in two coats, and guess what? It’s a dupe for OPI Stranger Tides!

OPICome to Poppy:

This is from OPI’s Nice Stems collection. I wanted this mostly for the name, but I absolutely love this color. It does look a bit frosty with the flash, but it is a very nice summer color. This is two coats.

EssieMeat Balls

This is a “black label” Essie that I have been wanting for a while. It was hard to find because it is certainly mislabeled a lot! Some websites list it as Meet Balls while others have it as Meat Balls. Well I found it on eBay and the official name is Meat Balls! This is a beautiful mauve colored nail polish with some gold flecks in it. This I think, is 3 coats.

Wet N WildMagic Trident

This is from WnW’s Mermaid’s Cove collection. Magic Trident is a bright, frosty orange but it is beautiful! I think it is such a fun color and definitely a good pedicure color as well. This is two coats.

And finally,

EssieChubby Cheeks

I have this on my toes and hands right now, but I don’t have an actual manicure picture. I found Chubby Cheeks at Ulta. Looking at Essie.com, it doesn’t seem like it is a part of their permanent line. (It says it is unavailable) You can certianly find it for cheap at Amazon.com, but I happened to be at Ulta and I needed a few more dollars to make a coupon work. This color is a dusty coral and according to Essie.com it is a creamy bright red-orange sunet. Okay, I am not sure if it looks like that on my nails though. I want to do a comparison one day of Color Club‘s Love Links and this color. A friend of mine bought China Glaze‘s Life Preserver and she says it is very similar to this color. (She has this Essie too). I don’t have that color, but I will see if I can borrow it.

Now I don’t know what color to paint my nails tomorrow! I have been very annoyed with my nails lately. Chipping starts the same day now! My nails are just splitting once again and I don’t think Nail Envy is helping anymore!


>Current Manicure and pedicure

6 Apr

>I painted my nails this past Saturday with Essie Pretty Edgy:

Application was just okay on this. The first coat was extremely runny and thin. Second coat was much better and evened out the color. This reminds me of green grass. Very springy! I painted my nails kind of fast so I had a few chipping issues. I decided to update my manicure with some glitter yesterday.

Here is Sinful Colors Green Ocean without flash:

This was a bit goopy, but that can be expected from a nail polish that has glitter and some foil pieces. This reflects mostly blue.

Finally, my pedicure color. I refuse to take pictures of my toes. They get made fun of a lot by friends and family! Let’s just say they look like lollipops or lightbulbs.

I am wearing Sinful Colors Timbleberry, painted on Saturday also:

Application was smooth in one coat, but I am a 2 coater. This color is a pinky coral. Perfect for summer!
I think the only time my hand and toes every match are during the summer!
I’ll be changing my polish tonight. Look out for the updates soon.