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Current Manicure

7 Apr

I change my polish about 2 or 3 times a week. I do my manicures on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Here is my current manicure. Color Club Pucci-licious with Nfu oh #50 on my ring finger:

Application on this was okay. The first coat was certainly streaky but the next coat evened out the color. I think that a third coat may have been useful. As for the Nfu oh, it wasn’t goopy like Green Ocean, which is good. I liked how it dried pretty smoothly and it certainly picks up a blue tone. Maybe it will be different with other colors. Nfu oh #50 is a purple based flakie polish.


>Polish shopping

3 Apr

>I’m pretty excited because I have 8 new polishes coming to me hopefully this week. I won’t post brands or polish colors until I receive them. Anyway, I ordered a bunch from eBay from a reliable seller. Originally I was only going to do some online browsing but I found some incredible deals. One is a collection of polishes from a past season. I already have one of the colors, but I loved the others in the collection, so I have all 6 coming to me. Then I ordered two from another brand – one is considered a staple and the other is a hard to find. (*I think*) I love shopping online, but waiting to receive your packages is torture!!

Yesterday I went to Harmon’s Beauty Discount and bought a few things. I’ll post a picture of my haul tomorrow night. I really need to stop buying polish! But at least it’s a cheap addiction. I have been broken from my handbag addiction. I can’t say that about my shoe one. Oh, but my haul isn’t just polishes but some nail treatments too.

So that this is not a text only post, I will show you some polishes I received. I belong to an online forum/community and every few months we have secret exchanges. This past exchange was called a secret bunny exchange. I received:

From L to R: OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’, nfu oh #50, Color Club Pucci-licious, Essie Pretty Edgy, butter LONDON Artful Dodger and Sally Hansen polish strips in Frock Star.

Everyone on this forum is pretty generous and I am so excited to try nfu oh and butter LONDON since I have never tried either brand.

Coming soon – Nail of the day! (or week…)