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Haulin’ … again!

14 May

Oh my! I always say I am going to stop, but of course I don’t. Well there is really just one more set of colors I want – Color Club Starry Temptress collection. I think I may order them this weekend. Anyway, here is my latest haul:

Sinful ColorsFolly, Big Daddy, Rise and Shine, Tappin’ Nails, Neon Melon, I Miss You, Frenzy and Hottie.

Sally Hansen Xtreme WearGray Area, Color ClubTake Me to Your Chateau, OrlyMonroe’s Red, OPILincoln Park After Midnight, L’OrealCoral Starfish

Sally Hansen Complete Salon ManicureGray by Gray, Fairy Teal, Navy Baby and Commander in Chic

Zoya (finally!) – Raven, Nina, Valerie, Pinta, Savita and Kelly

Okay so maybe one day I will wear all of these. LOL


Manicures #10 and #11, Pedicure #5

28 Apr

Okay, so technically these count as one manicure. I only put a top coat of/finish on top of the original, but I still think they are 2 separate looks!


Zoya Mira:

Wow, wow, wow! Another satisfying Zoya color! (Color is more like the picture with flash) Application on this was very easy and it required 2 coats. There was no streakyness. Note to self: Zoya Cremes are out of this world!

After day 2, I decided it was time to update this manicure, since I was seeing a bit of tipwear. I decided to use OPI Black Shatter:

So I don’t know about this. I love Black Shatter, but I don’t like this combination. It is too gothic for me! I think I’d prefer this with lighter colors underneath. I will attempt this another day. Black Shatter was easy to apply and only required one coat. I applied a top coat to make it glossy because it does dry matte.

Now on my toes I am wearing my most favorite color ever, Essie Jazz:

I don’t know if you can tell, but I am at half a bottle. I think I only have one other polish at this level! I love this color so much! I actually picked it up because of the name  – it reminded me of my Jazz dance days. No idea why it is called Jazz, but I love it! (I named my blog kinda sorta after this color). It is a very nice grey/pink/purple/nude. I have to admit that my polish is kind of smelly, like chemical smelly, but I still love it. You get even coverage after 2 coats.

In other news – I participated in the Zoya exchange. I got 6 colors and they are all backordered. The waiting game begins again! Zoya always does this to me!

Manicures #8 and #9

25 Apr

I wish I could say that these manicures were excellent, but they weren’t. I love the colors, but they didn’t work for me. I’ll explain after each picture.

First, OPI Jade is the New Black:

I love this color! Application was a bit streaky, however the 2nd coat did even out the nail polish. What I didn’t like? Well, it’s my fault, with washing dishes and doing chores, I chipped my nails pretty easily. It was okay though because I was going to do my Easter manicure the next day. I will still give JITNB a try once more at a later date.

Here is my Easter manicure with my amateur dots:

I used OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’ for the base color, Depend No. 210 and Color Club Revealed for the dots. It looks okay, right? Well it was a nightmare. The OPI took 3 coats just to make it even and it ended up being thick. The dots were easy to make using a dotting tool. Then they started to lift because of all the layers. UGH! I’m going to see if next time I can use 2 coats. I don’t like using three coats!

My dilemma today is if I should participate in the Zoya exchange. I do have polish to send over but I can’t decide! I don’t know if I should go ahead and get all this nail polish. I was able to find some dupes in Zoya for other colors I like, but I’m still not ready to pull the trigger. I have only 2 days left! Ahh, what to do!?

Current Manicure (#7)

21 Apr

Well this won’t be my current manicure for long. This morning I helped out my bf and washed the dishes at his house. Since I don’t have a pair of dishwashing gloves there, they started to chip. I present, Zoya Breezi:

I bought this Zoya during there BOGO for the summer collections. I love this color and I read that it is a dupe for OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui. Application on this was a dream, smooth coverage in one coat but since I am a habitual 2 coater, I had to do it! It’s a shame I have to take this off though.

Tonight I will post my massive haul from Ulta. Thank goodness 4 of these polishes are gifts! I’ll also need to change my toe polish for Easter, but that won’t be until Saturday.